Stefan Dziembowski – slides from selected talks

In English:
  • A set of lectures given at NTT Research and Development Center, Yokosuka, Japan (February 2004):
    • Bounded-Storage Cryptography [pdf,ps]
    • Adaptivness in Multiparty Computations [pdf,ps]

  • Multiparty computation protocols [pdf
    Warsaw 9.5.03 Quo vadis cryptography? tutorial

  • On Generating the Initial Key in the Bounded-Storage Model [pdf,ps
    Interlaken, May 2004, Eurocrypt 04 (the paper is available here)

  • Multiparty computations, introduction [pdf]
    Warsaw, May 2004, IMPAN cryptology Seminar 

  • Forward-Security in the Limited Communication Model [ppt
    La Sapienza, Rome, May 2006

  • Intrusion Resilience via the Bounded-Storage Model [ppt]
    TCC 2006, New York, USA

  • On Forward-Secure Storage [ppt]
    Crypto 2006, Santa Barbara, USA

  • Introduction to the Bounded-Retrieval Model 
    • WCP 2007: Workshop on Cryptographic Protocols, Bertinoro, March 2007 [ppt]
    • University of Salerno, March 2007 [ppt] -- extended version

  • Private Information Retrieval
    Sm@rt seminar, La Sapienza, May 2007 [ppt]

  • Leakage-Resilient Cryptography
    • FOCS 2008 [pptx,pdf]
    • WPK 2009, 2009 Workshop on Cryptographic Protocols and Public-Key Cryptography [pptx,pdf]

  • Cryptography on Non-Trusted Machines
    DYNAS 2009, International Workshop on DYnamic Networks: Algorithms and Security September 5, 2009, Wroclaw, Poland, invited talk [pptx,pdf]

  • A Lower Bound on the Key Length of Information-Theoretic Forward-Secure Storage Schemes
    The 4th International Conference on Information Theoretic Security, ICITS 2009, December 3 - 6, 2009. Shizuoka, Japan [pptx,pdf,view]

  • On the only computation leaks information paradigm 
    Provable Security against Physical Attacks Lorentz Center, the Netherlands, February 2010 [pptx, pdf, view

  • One-Time Computable Self-Erasing Functions 
    Trends in Theoretical Cryptography 2011 January 10-12, 2011 ITCS, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China [pptx]

  • Leakage-Resilient Circuits without Computational Assumptions,
    Theory of Cryptography Conference 2012, March 2012, Taormina, Italy

  • Habilitation lectures (the title pages in Polish, the rest in English) March 2012:
    • Why cryptography is less useful than it seems? [view,pptx]
    • Interesting cryptographic protocols [view,pptx]
    • What "provable security" means [view,pptx]

  • Non-Malleable Codes from Two-Source Extractors
    Aarhus University Theory Seminar, October 9, 2013 
  • Leakage resilience of Blom key distribution scheme,
    The 7th International Conference on Information Theoretic Security (ICITS 2013

  • MPCs on Bitcoin
    Rump session at the Cryptolens 2013 workshop at the Weizmann Institute, December 2013

  • Cryptographic aspects of Bitcoin
  • Horizons In Mathematics - MCMCS Conference for Students (Będlewo, Poland), March 2014
  • pdf]

In Polish:
  • Historia Alicji i Boba [pdf] Swider 2.5.03 Oboz Krajowego Funduszu na Rzecz Dzieci

  • Matematyczne podstawy kryptografii [ppt,html,jpg] 15.03.02 dni otwarte MIM UW

  • O (nie)przydatnosci teorii zlozonosci w kryptografii [pptx,pdf], MIMUW, December 2008

  • Kryptografia wizualna, Dzień Nauk Ścisłych, VIII LO im. Władysława IVWarszawa 13.01.2015
    slajdy [pptx], materiały do druku na foliach [pptx,pptx]

  • Kryptografia wizualna, Dni Otwarte MIM UW., 15.04.2015, slajdy [pptx,pdf] materiały do druku na foliach [pptx,pptx]

In Italian: