Cryptography for Computer Scientists I
Lecturer and TAStefan Dziembowski

Lecture: Wednesdays 14:15 - 15:45 (room 3180)
ExercisesWednesdays 16:15 - 17:45 (room 5870)
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: there will be a final written exam consisting of two parts: the "theory" part, and the "exercises", and a mid-term exam on "theory".

Lectures and exercises:
  • 4.10.2017
    Lecture 1: 
    Introduction to Cryptography [pptx,pdf]
    Exercises [pdf]

  • 11.10.2017
    Lecture 2:
    Symmetric Encryption I
    Exercises [pdf] (Exercises 3-5 were left as homework)

  • 18.10.2017
    Lecture 3: 
    Symmetric Encryption II [pptx,pdf]
    Exercises [pdf] (Exercise 1 was solved without a proof)

  • 25.10.2017
    Lecture 4a:
    Symmetric Encryption IIIa [slides], 
    Lecture 4b: Hash Functions I [slides]
    Exercises [pdf]

  • 8.11.2017
    Lecture 5a: Hash Functions II [slides]
    Lecture 5b: Message Authentication [slides]
    Exercises [pdf]

  • 15.11.2017
    Lecture 6: A Brush-up on Number Theory and Algebra [slides]

  • 22.11.2017
    Lecture 7:
    Introduction to Public Key Cryptography [slides]

  • 29.11.2017
    Lecture 8: Public-Key Encryption I [slides]

  • 6.12.2017
    Lecture 9: Public-Key Encryption II [slides]

  • 20.12.2017
    Lecture 10:
    Signature Schemes [slides]

  • 10.01.2018
    Lecture 11
    : Commitment Schemes and Zero Knowledge [pptx,pdf] (we didn't cover slides 90-101, and slides 72-84 were covered during the exercises)
    Exercises: slides 72-84 and the mid-term exam

  • 17.01.2018
    Lecture 12
    : Secure Two-Party Computation Protocols [pptx,pdf]

  • 24.01.2018
    Lecture 13
    : Secure Multi-Party Computation Protocols [pptx,pdf]
  1. Oded Goldreich Foundations of Cryptography (Fragments of a Book)
  2. Jonathan Katz, Yehuda Lindell Introduction to Modern Cryptography: Principles and Protocols, Second Edition.
  3. Douglas R. Stinson Cryptography: Theory and Practice, Third Edition
  4. Ivan Damgard On Σ-protocols
  5. Ronald Cramer Introduction to Secure Computation

The exam will consist of two parts:
  • the "theory" part (when it will not be allowed to use any materials like books or notes), and
  • the "exercises"(when the use of books and notes is will be allowed).
Here are some examples of exams: 

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