Major grants:

  • FNP Team Grant
    Cryptographic Defence Against Malicious Hardware Manufacturers
    12.2016 - 8.2020

  • ERC Advanced Grant 
    PROCONTRA: Smart-Contract Protocols: Theory for Applications

    mid-2020 - mid 2025 (expected)

  • NCN Opus Grant
    Blockchain wallets - cryptographic theory and applications
    mid-2020 - mid 2024 (expected)

Other grants: a grant from Ethereum Foundation (together with prof. Sebastian Faust from TU Darmstadt), a "Copernicus Award" grant (from the Foundation for Polish Science).

Past grants: FNP Welcome Grant, FNP "Ideas for Poland" Grant, ERC Starting Grant, NCN Opus Grant,  COST Action, Intel Grant.

Cryptography and Blockchain Lab at the University of Warsaw. Email:
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