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NCN Opus Grant 
Blockchain wallets - cryptographic theory and applications

Sep 2020 - Aug 2024 

The goal of this project is to develop new models and tools for secure blockchain wallets with focus on the foundational aspects of this field. Its main outcomes will be: new models and definitions in the area, and new provably-secure solutions. Our main focus is theory and foundations, but we expect the project to also have a practical impact. In our modeling efforts we will use formalism from theoretical cryptography. Formal approach is extremely important in the area of cyber security. This is because security cannot be proven “experimentally”, or in other words there are no “experiments” that can serve as evidence that a given system is secure. Our constructions will use tools and methods from cryptography and distributed algorithms. We will also use techniques developed in the area of leakage- and tamper-resilient cryptography. Although the main expected impact of this project is theoretical, we may also work on prototype implementations that can lead to commercial products.

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